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‘Tinker Man’ Virat Kohli wrote very little while leading, says Nasir Hussain



'Tinker Man' Virat Kohli wrote very little while leading, says Nasir Hussain

Calling Virat Kohli a ‘tinker man’, former England captain Nasir Hussain said that the current Indian captain is a bit manipulative of his captaincy at times.

Talking on the Star Sports show Cricket Connected, Hussain said how Kohli is his man and how he has emerged as a captain over the years.

“The first thing I would say is that he is his own man. It is very easy to come after MS Dhoni and I think well, I have to be like MS Dhoni. I have to be this cool, calculating finisher, cool, ice man “Virat Kohli could never become a cool ice man. Virat Kohli wears his heart on his sleeve,” said Hussain.

“If you see Virat Kohli playing football in the morning, I worry about some of his players because he is so eager to win, he can do double-foot tackles at waist height to be honest because he just Wanting to win and that’s why chasing a run in white-ball cricket, if you ask me the name of a person whom I want in a run-chase in white-ball cricket, it would be Kohli because he would win that Looks at the target and he is interested in everyone.

“So, he is his man, he is better at some things or still in some areas I want to see Kohli improve. I call him Tinker Man. Every over, you have to change the field, he is changing things. ., He manipulates a little bit. ”

Hussain also spoke about India’s ‘selection scheme’, saying that India has not invested in the right number 4 batsman in the World Cup 2019. India crashed out of the World Cup last year in the semi-final stage, losing a tight match to New Zealand.

“Selection – I know people say what has happened to Kohli, but you have got the selection scheme. I think India has done a lot, I am not sure that selection is one of them.”

“Coming into the World Cup, don’t know who your number 4 is when you find such a great batsman in India, the issues of his selection have to be resolved, but the whole point of captaincy is to win the game of cricket. And if you are a Looking at Kohli’s record as captain, it is the best performance yet. ”


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